Frequently Asked Questions
I am interested in sending my child to CedarWood, what do I need to do?

Contact the school office to set-up an admissions appointment. The admissions appointment will be held with the administrator, and the student and both parents are to be present. The appointment will include discussion on the spiritual program, the educational philosophy, the curriculum and grading methods as well as a tour of the facility.

There is no application on-line, where do I get that?

The application is provided to the parents at the time of the admissions appointment. This form is to be filled out and turned into the school office. After review by the Admissions Committee, students will be notified within five to seven business days of the acceptance decision.

Does my child need to undergo testing before being admitted?

CedarWood requires that all prospective students in seventh through twelfth grades, who have completed the admissions appointment, take a placement test. Students in elementary grades take a placement test at the discretion of the administrator. The school administers the mathematics computation, reading comprehension and language mechanics sections of the California Achievement Test. Tests are given by appointment only and can be arranged with the school office. There is no fee for this test.
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